Why Is 8 % of American Adult Internet Population Using Twitter Really Important to You?

Why Is 8 % of American Adult Internet Population Using  Twitter Really Important to You?

Because it is now confirmed, by both Google and Bing, that links shared through Twitter [and also Facebook] are a competitive search engine signal [Google uses over 200 signals!] for ranking content, this November 2010 Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project Twitter study is highly relevant to all organic advertisers = you! Be sure to have forwarding social network icons [Retweet, Facebook like, Digg, etc.] on all your posts so you’re making it simple for visitors to network your content to their circles of influence! Twitter just being one opportunity to reach a large audience.

Bottom line: anytime a visitor retweets [or facebook likes / shares] your content it exposes YOUR BRAND through that very content to a new audience…. the fact that it is SIMULTANEOUSLY promoting better search engine rank for your content makes the practice doubly important to your organic advertising visibility! 
 8 % of American Adult Internet Population Uses Twitter!

The entire US has approximately 310,000,000 *people* of which 78% or approximately 240,000,000 use the Internet. Pew Research Center shows that 74% of American *adults* [rather than all people] are Internet users, meaning that their research shows Twitter usage amounts to 8 % of the American adult Internet population and 6% of the entire adult population.

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