“A Blog Is The Most Cost Effective Way To Be Visible In Search Engines”, AMT

  Rob Bruce and his partners run the highly respected Eagle County CO based business information technology systems firm All Mountain Technologies. Clearly stated in this interview,  Rob and All Mountain have committed to leveraging a business blog for online advertising visibility in the search engines, some branding and some trust building. Please read on:

Kinetic: “As leading technology providers, why out source Business Blog solutions & service?”

Rob Bruce: “We’re business technology systems people and we might be able to manage a free blog solution ourselves, but blogs aren’t our expertise. With the service you offer including the blog platform, the service, education and a painless price, outsourcing the blog absolutely makes a ton of sense for us.”

Kinetic: “And why have you decided to Business Blog?”

Bruce: “We looked at advertising in this modern day environment and there’s no more important place to be than the search engines. No bones, search is all about qualified leads. A little more research and we concluded a blog is the most cost effective way to be visible in the search engines for various topics. And then, we also like the more human approach to a web presence that it offers us.”

Kinetic: “What do you focus on when you  Business Blog?”

Bruce: “We’re just getting going here, but we want to put emphasis on new services using the phrases we expect to get ‘googled.’ We can add very detailed niche marketing phrases to differentiate us from our competition. For example, we are one of the only Cisco Certified Partner with SMB Select specialization on the western slope of Colorado in the Mountains. We can’t put that in normal advertising literature and expect most people not to glaze over! Yet however small this section of the market is, it is still a very productive focus of our company we want to grow. With the blog site we can bury that sort of specific information in there and people searching for that specific information WILL find us. That in turn helps us inexpensively and efficiently to generate more linking from the active blog to our website, which has less search engine visibility but is much more specific and detailed about our offerings. We also want to create useful client documentation (scheduling, tips, etc.) and be seen as a forum for feedback and a resource where clients can actively participate and see evolving and always-current, relevant updates. Updates and information that may drive business our way.”

Kinetic: “Are you seeing an improved positioning in the search engines?”

Bruce:Yes, almost immediately. Like I mentioned, we just got going and we’ve found our blog high in Google for almost all relevant searches and, even better, we are often highest in searches that we have already specifically have targeted in the blog.”