Evolution Of A Great Business Blog: Media!

On Advertorial Media | Kinetic Knowledge  Dictionary.com says “media is the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people.”

  Let’s add Business Blogs to that mix: they can easily reach and influence people. We can probably conclude that virtually all consumers search, and thereby, they research their future purchases prior to making them. If, rather than constantly hunting for customers, businesses can simply make their practical knowledge of subjects available to those already hunting for it online … than there is a huge & efficient advertorial opportunity!

  That’s right, a good Business Blog will evolve as media, but let’s look at how that might go.

I. Visibility: For starters and because of a modern day unconstrained landscape for the distribution of content, a business should commit to enthusiastically publishing about what it sees, knows, hears and has to offer. By being on topic and consistent, this business will attract attention from search engine spiders; thereby, it will penetrate search engine indexes for keywords and key phrases. As a result, search engine visibility, traffic and targeted consumer page views shall ensue.

II. Brand: From here, recognition by a targeted audience as a knowledge- able, authoritative & enthusiastic provider of product and/ or service information begins to resonate. Word of mouth, blog or social network may generate further recognition from linking and sharing, which may even become viral. Awareness, trust and brand established!

III. Direct Connections: Then, via RSS and RSS converted to Email, direct connections emerge. And, by the way, direct to prospective buyers is the most valuable form of advertising. Again, media is a means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines and now blogs, that reach or influence people. By using its’ Blog our business has attracted eyeballs, developed brand & trust and [now] direct subscription.

In effect, our business has established itself as a subject specific source of  advertorial media. As marketers, when you consider the cost of content creation, content discover- ability and direct content distribution is negligible… it’s simply smart!

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  1. Absolutely correct, I am a true testimony that these practices work – having moved from several layers deep to the surface when Googling “Santa Clarita Real Estate”, our blog has pushed our Mother site of Paris911.com onto the first and second page. Our Blog has driven “mother” to fantastic feats. Thanks Kinetic Blog. -CONNOR with HONOR

  2. Yes, we’ve seen that the careful integration of a blog with a basis domain [i.e. http://blog.paris911.com and http://www.paris911.com ]can raise it’s visibility. Often, you’ll see both sites positioned in the SERPs [Search Engine Result Pages] for various topics, keywords & key phrases; however and very much like that kind of successful search engine indexing, there is more great value coming your way. For instance, when the target market looks to the blog directly for local real estate & community coverage :-)

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