Your Content Stinks!

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  Does your content stink? The subject is so incredibly important to your business this post ONLY means to force you to think about the subject of your content. It’s our job to convince prospects that our products and services add great value. On the web, where consumers have the control, demonstration of value stems from current useful content. Its’ also our content that can go so far for FREE, serving as advertising everywhere it goes. Imagine publishing one post Web Visisbility | Kinetic Knowledgeand seeing it:

    1. live on site demonstrating value for all visitors to see;
    2. index keywords in the search engines for all searchers to find;
    3. feed out to social networks where its visible to friends direct and also consumed into the social search indexes for others to find;
    4. sent out to an entire email database and any RSS subscribers direct;
    5. shared by recipients out to their social network friends;
    6. bookmarked by many as a saved reference AND
    7. linked to from other sites.

Too Busy To Use Free Advertising

   There’s so much going on in our ‘business day’ that would be useful (as content) to prospects if we could only find time to publish it. The knowledge, tips and answers we all have that are likely to make prospects that much more likely to become clients. If the content stinks … maybe it’s because we’re afraid, uncommitted, uninformed about the viral possibilities of web optimization noted above or maybe we’re just too busy. Whatever the case, many most of us are failing miserably to leverage good content as advertising.

What’s The Answer?

Copy Writing Services | Kinetic Knowledge   If you’re in business it’s time to get disciplined … or to get help! It’s so important we’re going write more about methods for creating better content in the coming weeks, BUT if you know you don’t have the time to produce good tactical content let’s discuss options.

FREE Help in February

  We have no problem doing a content review & strategy consultation. If you’re already writing but feel it could be better, we’d still love to take a look at it with you. If you decide to use our Ghost Writing | Kinetic Knowledgewriting services in February, we’ll even write the 1st post free! Not to diminish the value: the point is to develop a strategy and a writing style that fits. We offer experienced copy writing & blogging services and have for 7 years now! So contact us now to discuss a program that fits your particular strategy & budget!

  The first post in February is FREE!