Finding Inspiration For Blogging Consistency

blogging | kinetic knowledgeWe recently talked about the value of creating good content in your business blogs. It sparked an interesting and valid question from one of our clients that I’d like to share. If we accept that the value of consistent, relevant content as an online marketing tool is a given – how can we find the time to blog consistently?”

Oh, the struggle! It’s kind of like the gym for me – I know I’ll see a huge health benefit from going regularly but how do I get myself there each and every week?  Now we’re talking about forming habits – what is it they say, do something for 21 days… doesn’t work for me!

Even we are not always the best at practicing what we preach, but I do think there are a few things that can make consistent blogging a bit easier to achieve:

Plan it! Literally put a time block in your outlook calendar for 45 minutes, 3 days a week (if you skip it, move it a day or an hour, don’t delete it!)

Curate it! I recently encountered this term in another article – brilliant!  Curating content means spending time identifying relevant and valued content from third party resources on the web and passing them on to your own network.  It takes much less time to introduce a valuable resource, add your own two cents and pass it on than it does to craft completely unique content (don’t get me wrong – obviously the most valuable, but you get the idea!).  Consider curating 30-40% of your articles to save time.  And, to be clear here – I do NOT mean copy content!  You must add your own spin and give attribution and links as due.

Trend it! Even on-line research takes time.  How do you become an effective curator?  I find using Twitter trending is a great way to access valued resources.  There are lots of folks sharing great links and resources via the twitter network.  Trending means that you set up pre-determined searches around topics of interest and you watch tweets come through that match your search.  Let Twitter do the heavy lifting! is a nice tool that does this without a local installation (happens through a browser).  TweetDeck of course works locally if that’s more ideal for you.

Proliferate it! This particular post was sparked from a client question I received by direct email.  Just a reminder that sometimes an internal conversation is appropriate for the whole sphere!

Push it! If you can master blogging, than you can easily dip your toes into micro blogging on social media sites by setting up an auto content push.  Places like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will automatically publish links to the blog articles on your business blogsites with a one-time upfront setup.   Yes, you can do it yourself, but folks like us can also help you!

Plug it in! There are always some options to proliferate content from other data sources.  For instance real estate agents can blog listings and/or available properties in a specific neighborhood or price range within minutes right through a plugin that utilizes raw multi-list data.  These guys have figured that one out!

Shorten it! A blog post does not have to be a certain length to be effective.  If you can add value for your reader in three sentences – serve it up!

Hire it out! Yep – some companies (like ours) do offer custom blog writing services.  If you just don’t have the time, consider hiring a writer to provide custom content that will supplement your own posts.

I suppose when it really comes down to it drive is the key factor.  Blogging is indeed one of the most cost-effective online marketing tools available to you today as a business.  If you can find the drive and save time with some of the above tips – the opportunities are yours for the taking!

Need help getting set-up? Contact the Kinetic Team today – we’re full of solutions!