chris frerecksChris Frerecks
President, Founder
Kinetic Knowledge

The goal with Kinetic Knowledge is to provide an undeniably responsive service for our clients! By being thorough, accountable and generous with our marketing knowledge we intend to earn our clients’ trust each day!

With 25+ year background in the areas of corporate marketing & advertising sales, sales management, project management and operations I offer useful marketing & advertising know- how, consulting & execution. A top new business producer in the early Internet world (Media: Wired Magazine,,, | Data- mining: Umbria | Community- creation: MyInfoPage ), I chased ‘Fortune 500′ day in and day out to support their marketing challenge.

Nowadays I oversee a number of different areas of this agency’s business, none more important than to help busy people solve their daily marketing challenge!

University of Maryland, College Park Graduate