Why Adults Use Social Media … For Marketers

PEW: Why Adults Use Social MediaPew Research Center’s most recent research survey project ‘Why Americans Use Social Media’ shares relevant information for business folks trying to navigate social network environments for branding, leads & new business.

According to Pew’s data, the intent for two-thirds of online adults (66%) using social media platforms is to connect with family members, friends and old friends they’ve lost touch with. Other factors such as connecting around a shared hobby or interest is also a reason they use social media, but it plays a less important role at 14%.

While its popular to say Social is a ‘must do’ versus investing time & money in other marketing opportunities, these studies help to shed light on whether or not the average social network users intent is truly open to marketing messages. Or at least to a degree the potential return for an investment of time or money is right.

For the balance of this report read on here Pew Research: ‘Why Americans use social media‘.

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