About Google ‘Authorship’!

About Google AuthorshipMore Visible Information Online
  The pressure for Google to return search results that people value is immense. With so much spam & gaming to fight and (now) competitive pressure stemming from Facebook’s mountain of ‘personal interest & activity information’, Google means to push its’ own social tools.
  To remain on top Google is forced to continually advance their means to understand and rank information. Links and PageRank are buckling under the pressure of more accurate social signals. ‘Authorship’ looks to be a ‘mutually beneficial’ key between Google+ and advertorial authors‘ alike! Authorship helps Google verify authors of good information, while enticing their use of Google+ by passing along some potentially relevant SEO advantages! In effect, it gives the author picture- based authority over random text search results. 
What Is Google Authorship  
  Authorship ties a web page, like maybe our recent post here on ‘The Top Business Directories’,  to a personal Google + profile. See the ‘mug shot’ and full name added to these search results tackling the same search related subject.


Authorship Demonstrated In SERPs


  By registering a Google+ account it helps Google verify the author, while introducing unique personal profile information to those search results AND that added emphasis may be a subtle advantage. Using a system of HTML tags they can associate authored pages with the Google+ profile, which is exactly what you are seeing here.
The Authorship Advantage
  Most of us aren’t producing content & blogging entirely for the fun of it; rather, we’re sharing good information to attract interested searchers and prospects. We want to demonstrate integrity, current knowledge, value … and ‘Authorship’ makes it incrementally more possible. Maybe a personal result like this can raise our ability to attract a click? Maybe Google uses the association as a competitive signal because the quality of their results is everything? And, while this latter point is not proven, verification lends to that end. 
How To Get Started
  Per our recent post on ‘Web Optimization’, Authorship is equal parts social and search engine optimization. To get rolling with Google Authorship, register a personal Google Plus page. Fill out all the information required, add a ‘head shot’ and then a URL for the site you author. From there, a series of HTML tags need to be associated between your website and Google+ profile. It’s not exactly plug & play, so get in touch.