Consumers Search Local, Are Your Directory Listings Accurate?

Does Your Business Have An Accurate Directory Listings Profile Most business owners find that creating an accurate, consistent directory listings profile is too overwhelming a project to complete. No one enjoys going through a 'directory listing website' verification process only to receive their advertising sales calls and email. And while no one signal wins the competitive local SEO battle, an accurate directory listing(s) profile [...]

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Images Can Improve Your SEO

IMAGES AND SEO We've all searched for a product or a service and hoped for good pictures that illustrate that product or service. As the old adage goes: "a picture is worth a thousand words." How true it is in marketing! Images and SEO can be aligned! Illustrative images draw people to whatever you may be selling. Be it real estate or window blinds, [...]

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How Does Your Business Prepare For Voice-Driven Search?

Is Your Business Prepared for Voice-Driven & "Near Me" Search? Nowadays, speaking to do a search is commonplace. People are using home-based devices like Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Home, OR apps on their cell phones. That's right, our phones can be set up with an app' for Voice-Driven Search. And so the question business owners should be asking is, "are we prepared for Voice-Driven [...]

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Realities Of Local Search Engine Rankings & Results

Local Search Engine Rankings & Results The fact or the reality of local search engine rankings & results is that they never remain still. Rankings move. What's more, Google will serve unique local search results when it can tell where a consumer is searching from. Add to this that an individual's personal search activity, including their past choices, may also personalize the search results [...]

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