Google Business Profile Listing Visible When Local Prospects Search?

Do You Use The Google Business Profile Listing For Local SEO? If your business marketing strategy includes being found locally by qualified consumers, then a CRUCIAL tool is going to be the Google Business Profile (GBP) listing for local SEO. Particularly its local map and search listing tools matter, so search your business for access to a local GBP listing that might already be [...]

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Do You Get ‘Google Business Listing’ Cold Calls?

Google Business Listing Cold Calls ... Are Probably Not Google! Ever get those automated cold calls about your Google Profile? They say you haven't updated or set up your Google Business Listing. If you take the call, it transfers you to a salesperson ... and it's never Google. We get them, and we update our Google Business profile quite often. In fact, we also [...]

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Why Is The Google Crawl So Important To Your Business?

What Is A Google Crawl?  To start, let’s define what a Google crawl is and why that is so important to the business owner. To gather the information hosted all over the ‘world wide web’ for organized search results a search engine like Google must deploy software referred to as a spider (or a crawler or a bot). By using these spiders to find [...]

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What Are Google Listing ‘Suggested Edits’?

About Your Google Listing Things change fast on the web. If you weren't paying attention, you may have missed Google's 12/09/21 announcement. The name of its local listing platform, formerly 'Google My Business (GMB)', was renamed 'Google Business Profile (GBP)'. And you are busy doing your job, so does the platform's name really matter? Maybe not, but with updates, there is often change. Google [...]

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