Google Business Listing Cold Calls … Are Probably Not Google!

Ever get those automated cold calls about your Google Profile? They say you haven’t updated or set up your Google Business Listing. If you take the call, it transfers you to a salesperson … and it’s never Google. We get them, and we update our Google Business profile quite often. In fact, we also manage Google Business Profiles for folks all over North America. So if not Google, who is it that makes these calls to us all day long?

For the record, Google doesn’t make unsolicited sales calls. Per their ‘Help Resources‘ documentation, they do not make sales calls directly or via an automated system. In rare cases, Google may launch automated phone calls to a business. If so, it would NOT ever be sales-oriented. It might be to confirm a business address, for instance, for Google Maps. And even if that call came from an automated or manual operator, according to Google’s Help Resources, it would only be in rare circumstances! And if so, it is never sales-driven; never meant to sign one up for a service, to ask for a payment, or to ask that one share potentially sensitive personal information.

Sales Tactics Meant To Trick Unsuspecting Business Owners

So, it’s highly likely you and I are getting these calls from unscrupulous folks misrepresenting themselves as a sales tactic. The company deploying these calls hopes to get you on the phone, so they can say that they can sell you some help. We can safely say they do NOT check to see if you have set up your Google Business Profile Listing before calling. They launch the calls regardless of whether or not you, like us, manage it day to day.

If you are getting these calls, you are not the only one!

Google Business Profile, Listings & Social Media Account Services

If you are looking for support with the setup or the ongoing management of your Google listing, various other listings, and/or social media accounts, including posting-management service – let us know. We are versed, offer flexible options, and will not cold call you about it.