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How Can Social Media Support SEO?

Does Social Media Support SEO? Businesses often ask, "Does social media support SEO?" And while it is so important to remind folks that there is no 'silver bullet,' the answer is yes, that social media will improve a company's competitive search results. So back in 2014, Google’s Matt Cutts (i.e., in-house SEO authority at the time) shared that social activity and the potential influence [...]

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Is Your Good Content Used In Social Media?

Using Website Content In Social Media Can Generate Leads Content is ground zero for everything you want your business to achieve online. People search, read, socialize, share, bookmark, and they 'like' social media posts all day long AND SO we must try to be there to demonstrate authority when they do! Using good content, for instance from a website page or blog post or [...]

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Using Instagram For Marketing

Using Instagram For Marketing Yet? If your business is not on Instagram yet, it may be time. Last year Instagram was the fastest growing social media network and it shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, 50% of adults ages 18-29 say they use Instagram. And because of this Instagram has become a valuable marketing tool. Let’s get started with some basics. Here [...]

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