Using Instagram For Marketing Yet?

Using Instagram As A Marketing ToolIf your business is not on Instagram yet, it may be time. Last year Instagram was the fastest growing social media network and it shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, 50% of adults ages 18-29 say they use Instagram. And because of this Instagram has become a valuable marketing tool. Let’s get started with some basics. Here are top get- started tips for using Instagram as a new marketing tool.

Post Eye Catching Photos

Instagram is a photo-sharing app by nature. So, the most important thing you want to showcase on Instagram is, of course, nice, sharp, eye-catching photos. You are grabbing attention with pure aesthetic and, if you are creative, it works! Younger generations share Instagram images like crazy, but the older generations are catching up fast.

Create a Brand Specific Hashtag

Creating a brand-specific “official” hashtag will allow not only your customers but you as well to find all of the posts in which your brand has been mentioned. When you start putting that hashtag in all of your posts, your followers and fans will follow suit. In addition to adding a brand-specific hashtag, we must also emphasize that using relevant hashtags is incredibly important if you want to engage this audience. Hashtags are the fastest way to get found by people who are interested in what you have to offer and most likely to become customers. Instagram users actively search hashtags, hungry for particular kinds of content.

Follow Like Brands on Instagram.

Yes, this does include your competitors! When you follow like brands on Instagram it opens up several doors for you. First off, you can see what other brands are posting and what seems to be working and not working for them. This can help you cut down a bit on your trial and error. You also can see people who follow your competitors and like brands and follow them. When you follow these people, they will likely follow you back. They are a warm lead because you already know they have an interest in your brand! This works the other way around too!

Don’t Forget To Include Links

Including links in your posts to products in your store, or relevant blog posts, even an about page is always a good idea. When a follower sees a product they would like to buy on your Instagram, and they can click the link and be taken straight to your website OR shopping cart, they are much more likely to make the purchase then if they would have to open a new window and search your site for the item. Including links gives your customers a path of least resistance to the buy now button.

Cross-Post Your Instagram Photos

Finally, you can and should at times cross-post your Instagram photos. There are several ways you can include your Instagram feed on your website, blog and other social media outlets. Some are simpler than others, and all have their time and place. The easiest way to achieve this is by using the share to Facebook, Twitter etc. buttons you will find underneath your photo when finalizing your post. When using your Instagram photos on other networks, you can showcase the look and hashtags on which your brand is being built. It is a simple and effective way to synergistically cross-promote your brand.

And don’t get overwhelmed! Start slow and execute these tips for using Instagram as a marketing tool one by one as your confidence and comfort level with Instagram grows. Instagram is a huge social network and marketing opportunity. And it’s continuing to grow! You will see fast marketing results with Instagram. In fact these results often are instant!