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Chat For Business Owners: Advantages and Disadvantages

About Live Website-based Chat For Business Maybe because chat for business can serve as a convenient visitor-friendly option to a phone call, some companies are adopting these website-based applications. What should your business do? What follows will list some of the advantages and also the disadvantages to consider, so that you can make an informed decision about 'chat'. And keep in mind that while [...]

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Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid!

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid All good digital marketing strategies lead to one important goal, and that is quality leads. Regardless, marketers must avoid marketing mistakes that can challenge the trust of their prospects. While it's difficult to get attention in a crowded web environment, choosing tactics that are anything but genuine is NEVER good practice. That's why we're talking about four (4) [...]

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Google Screened or Guaranteed – ‘Local Service Ads’

'Google Screened or Guaranteed' Advertising - 'Local Service Ads' If you haven't noticed yet, Google added a form of local advertising high atop its local search result pages. So there are 'Pay Per Click Advertisements' and then 'Local Map Pack Listings' set over the traditionally sought-after organic search results and NOW Google has also squeezed 'Local Services Ads' up top of it all in [...]

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Why Responding To Reviews Is Good For Business

Do You Answer Your Reviews?   Do you want to improve reputation management and SEO with one effort? We've written about the importance of a) getting reviews, b) the management of a negative review, as well as c) how the law sees a business that fakes its reviews, but what is rarely discussed is having a discipline for d) responding to reviews. SEO signal [...]

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