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GoDaddy Managed | Hosted WordPress Website Customers Hacked

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Customers Hacked According to a GoDaddy disclosure, beginning on September 6 of 2021 both current and past customers of GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting or the 'GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting platform' were exposed to a system-wide hack. This hack includes all GoDaddy WordPress host plan users for their Basic, Delux, Ultimate, and E-commerce host management plans. GoDaddy disclosed the incident on November [...]

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Website Security Features That Matter Most

The Important Website Security Features That Matter   There is a lot of confusion out there about what website security features are is necessary. Careful: there's an army of companies touting their product and one solution rarely fits all. What's more, the threat always evolves so security must also be a committed local process with computer use. Website security is as much personal computer [...]

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Shared Hosting: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True … It Is!

Define 'Shared Hosting' Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single server hosts multiple websites, sometimes hundreds. Many websites sharing the same resources on a single server will certainly keep the owner of the server's costs low. It's typically priced for the public based upon the assumption those using the host won't need much in the way of server resources. The [...]

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Is a FREE or a DIY Website Solution Enough?

Is a FREE or a DIY Website Enough For The Serious Business? FREE and DIY Website solutions are advertised as the answer to small business owners' prayers. Their argument is a top solution for little to no cost. From the 'just getting started small business owner' all the way to the 'most discerning flush with cash business owner' - FREE is certainly always interesting. [...]

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