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WordPress is website software business owners can use to design, develop and OWN a beautiful website. Its plugin application and theme options list are endless. Its standard features advance at a pace no other solution can match. WordPress is the most flexible & scalable solution for business owners, bar none! In fact, 33.9% of the top ten million websites on the World Wide Web use WordPress! If not already, it is likely time to consider WordPress! 

Why Is WordPress BETTER Than All Other Website Solutions?

  1. Because with WordPress (and unlike most all ‘website solutions’) there is no hosting trap! WordPress is in the control of its owner; it can be moved from host to host anytime anywhere, with its complete historic digital web footprint intact!
  2. Because WordPress is a content management platform so flexible and EASY to use that a layperson can create, edit and delete new content at will;
  3. Because WordPress can support ANY DESIGN with an unlimited choice for ‘theme layouts’ and it can also be redesigned without losing any content or web footprint;
  4. Because WordPress has thousands of ready-to-go applications, anything from an e-commerce storefront to a booking engine to you name it … and all available without having to incur the headaches & cost of coding something from scratch;
  5. Because Google’s own engineers acknowledge “(WordPress) may take care of 80% of the SEO mechanics”, meaning it has most of the in-website tools needed for competitive search engine optimization making it THE MOST SEO FRIENDLY website solution AND
  6. Because WordPress is supported by a massive open source community (a community of thousands of contributors empowered by its open source licensing) of top developers & designers all collectively committed to improving its utility with new applications, new code, and better security (= the power of many!).
  7. So check out some live examples: modern mobile-friendly WordPress business websites!

Specialized WordPress Webmaster, Host, And Managed Support

Unlike many hosts, our goal is long-term client relationships. We’ve been around 19 years; we are NOT a large distant provider with automated phone systems, high employee turnover, or a lack of client knowledge. We invest in understanding a client’s business and insist upon listening, asking questions, and sharing the useful information a client needs to make informed marketing decisions. We are a top WordPress Website design/development and webmaster host service – see our WordPress Host And Management Plans

What Is Open Source Software?

Custom WordPress | Kinetic KnowledgeWordPress is open source software available under the ‘General Public License’ or GPL, which *generally* (within GPL scope) gives its user the right to do with it whatever they wish. The core software is free, but unlike many free website solutions, THERE IS NO TRAP. ‘Open source software’ might loosely be defined as base software code one can manage, develop and/or launch applications from without having to rewrite that entire base code. Virtually any application one can imagine exists with a reviewed history of performance and support. It’s important to mention that a need for a specific design or unique customization may require expertise. Because WordPress is ‘General Public License’, using open source in a business like ours is ALL about adding service and expertise! If you’d like to learn more about WordPress and Kinetic Knowledge WordPress Management Services please do not hesitate to contact us.

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There’s a difference when you work with Kinetic Knowledge:

  • We will never be a large distant provider with infuriating phone systems;
  • We listen, ask questions and share the information a client needs in order to make informed marketing decisions;
  • With Kinetic there are no traps, no long term contracts and we recommend ownership & control of your digital assets;
  • We have no conflict of interest for any proprietary themes or applications, and we ONLY recommend the current & best technology solutions;
  • We take a long-term view with client web-based assets;
  • We respect budgets so that a client’s resources are never wasted;
  • We execute with a team that is not only responsive to but familiar with a client’s business;
  • We offer a personal approach; our clients benefit from follow-through, accountability, and the belief at Kinetic Knowledge™ that our clients come first – we cannot succeed unless YOU do!

Kinetic Knowledge is a full-service NJ digital marketing agency serving small to medium-sized businesses. We’ve been around 18 years, we are Monmouth County NJ based in the lovely town of Brielle. We offer Search Engine Optimization & Local SEOWebsite Design & DevelopmentWebsite Host & Updates ManagementWebsite Fix, Content Development, Graphic Design, Social Media, and Search Advertising Campaigns.