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SaltyCoconuts.com Kinetic Knowledge E-Commerce Website Designed By Kinetic Knowledge

Kinetic Knowledge offers small businesses throughout Monmouth County and surrounding NJ areas top website design and development services. Unlike most website development providers, our NJ SEO web design projects are custom, and our theme or plugin application choices are NOT limited. Cost is generally flexible, determined based upon a unique set of specifications. We will always manage & protect your most valuable business asset. Check out our portfolio or view our extensive website development packages!

E-Commerce Shopping Carts provide business owners with a 24/7, 365 day per year secure platform to sell products online. There are many e-tail solution providers; several where a business owns nothing.  The site is a business asset the client owns & controls! At Kinetic Knowledge, we believe you should own your website and your entire digital footprint, and also receive highly responsive support at an affordable cost. Our e-commerce websites are always mobile responsive and always set up with important search engine optimization tools that make your site locally competitive

Many online stores want to update their website presence in order to compete in today’s competitive digital market. Kinetic Knowledge achieves this by designing WordPress e-commerce sites & provides host and management services that are tailored to serve the needs of an online retailer. 

Online Retailer Marketing & Advertising Services By Kinetic Knowledge

Working with Kinetic Knowledge to build and market your e-commerce website is different than working with any other web service or WordPress design company. We are proactive with advice and support in all aspects of your online store design and marketing plan. You will never reach an automated phone system when you call Kinetic Knowledge. We are here to listen, ask questions and share useful information. All of this is part of finding the correct e-commerce website marketing plan for your internet retailer business. We believe trust must be earned and we want all of our client relationships to be long term. We believe in adding value to your business. We only succeed if you do!

More About Kinetic Knowledge

Kinetic Knowledge Marketing Services For E-commerce Websites

Our e-commerce website solutions processes credit cards, tracks orders, manages your customer base, arranges for shipping instructions, promotions, taxes and more!

Kinetic Knowledge E-commerce Website Design & Marketing Services Include:

  • E- Commerce Website Development > let’s discuss what it will take to design it today! 
  • WordPress
  • Shopping Cart Integration Config’
  • Secure Socket Layer Config’
  • Merchandise Page Creation
  • Promotions & Coupon Code Config’
  • Real Time USPS / UPS / Fedex or Standard Shipping Config’
  • Tax / Order Management Config’
  • Education, Service & Troubleshooting

We Use WooCommerce For WordPress

And finally we aim to make e-tail store management as simple as possible, but the truth is e- commerce is not a simple website solution. Even if we ignored the technical realities of setting up an e-commerce shop there are still so many practical things that carry on. Application updates, security, payments, taxes and shipping all being a necessary process that must be handled. 

There’s a difference when you work with Kinetic Knowledge:

  • We will never be a large distant provider with infuriating phone systems;
  • We listen, ask questions and share the information a client needs in order to make informed marketing decisions;
  • With Kinetic there are no traps, no long term contracts and we recommend ownership & control of your digital assets;
  • We have no conflict of interest for any proprietary themes or applications, and we ONLY recommend the current & best technology solutions;
  • We take a long-term view with client web-based assets;
  • We respect budgets so that a client’s resources are never wasted;
  • We execute with a team that is not only responsive to but familiar with a client’s business;
  • We offer a personal approach; our clients benefit from follow-through, accountability, and the belief at Kinetic Knowledge™ that our clients come first – we cannot succeed unless YOU do!

Kinetic Knowledge is a full-service NJ digital marketing agency serving small to medium-sized businesses. We’ve been around 18 years, we are Monmouth County NJ based in the lovely town of Brielle. We offer Search Engine Optimization & Local SEOWebsite Design & DevelopmentWebsite Host & Updates ManagementWebsite Fix, Content Development, Graphic Design, Social Media, and Search Advertising Campaigns.