Google Listing Post - Google My Business Tools Why Marketers Must Use Google Listing Posts

Having a Google listing post strategy is more important than ever! When business owners produce ‘Google My Business’ posts that are timely & relevant they often find consumers click through at a high rate. But why?

Remember that the mental availability of the viewer is much higher than, for instance, with advertisements which are generally an interruption to something a person is reading. In this case they see it because they are searching for the entity, the geography and/or related information.  The consumer is qualified by the search they pursue, which otherwise would not place the Google listing & related post there on that search results page.

Google Post Benefits Include:


  • They can improve Google’s entity knowledge of the business  relevance for
    • target keywords
    • business geography
    • specific products and
    • specific services
  • They are an opportunity to place valued offering content high on a SERP
  • They can inform Google about business relevance for images, video and/ or ideas
  • They drive qualified traffic to a listing, where a summarized presentation is made 
  • They can drive qualified traffic to the website, via clicks directly from a post or via the related listing detail 


Support With Google


Any confusion about the many names and options for managing your local Google presence is warranted. ‘Google Places’ used to be the tool for owners to manage their business profile, but it was retired in 2014. There is also Google’s social network ‘Google+’,  but while it could support the creation of groups its use has diminished to a degree it may not be a productive option for the business hoping to reach local consumers. Today ‘Google My Business’ is the place to manage how the business appears in a local Google Search, on Maps, etc. 

While Kinetic Knowledge tends to listing posts as a standard element of a Local SEO Plan – getting ‘Google My Business tools set up, optimized and verified can be a chore. Ask us about the ‘Google My Business’ tools today!