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Chat For Business Owners: Advantages and Disadvantages

About Live Website-based Chat For Business Maybe because chat for business can serve as a convenient visitor-friendly option to a phone call, some companies are adopting these website-based applications. What should your business do? What follows will list some of the advantages and also the disadvantages to consider, so that you can make an informed decision about 'chat'. And keep in mind that while [...]

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Dealing With Contact Form Spam

Why Is My WordPress Website Getting So Much Contact Form Spam? While a contact form made available to the public is often a necessary part of a business website, in this day and age it will likely attract spam. Simply put, website spam is the unwanted message coming into your website’s contact form. And these messages are typically forwarded to your email inbox. Contact [...]

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Is Your Website Prepared To Support People With Disabilities?

Does Your Website Support People With Disabilities Online? Most business owners would want to support people with disabilities, not only to help increase their sales but because MOST PEOPLE TRULY MEAN WELL. And while there has been great progress in the physical world of business regarding how to support various disability types, the question nowadays becomes how a business even begins to provide reliable [...]

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Consumers Search Local, Are Your Directory Listings Accurate?

Does Your Business Have An Accurate Directory Listings Profile Most business owners find that creating an accurate, consistent directory listings profile is too overwhelming a project to complete. No one enjoys going through a 'directory listing website' verification process only to receive their advertising sales calls and email. And while no one signal wins the competitive local SEO battle, an accurate directory listing(s) profile [...]

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