Business Blogging: More Visibility, Better SEO

business blogging

Maybe on the brighter side of our current Covid-19 quarantine, some at-home affords us all a little time for the kind of writing that helps the average business generate leads. Be certain that regardless of when – business blogging is always a good investment in your business.

Your blog must be leveraged to share useful information about timely events, challenges, a question answered and/or knowledge acquired in the day to day grind of your specific business. Assume that if information in your blog post is useful to people then not only are they ALREADY searching for it, BUT that search engines will recognize, index and rank it (=SEO value)!

And by the way, never ever underestimate the value of being appealing to humans who may also share your brand and your knowledge with all of their friends & acquaintances! When used with discipline, business blogging from your website will give both short and long term value! 

Best Business Blogging Practices!


1. Have your target keywords list ready! Ultimately you want to impress people with your business blogging, but in order to capture those qualified individuals searching the very subject you’re writing about you must use the keywords they will search!

2.  Create strategic post titles! Search engines and humans typically want different things out of a title; to be successful you must strive to please them both. One of the first elements a search spider will seek when crawling a new post is the title, so be specific enough for spiders to identify the purpose and brash enough to attract people’s interest!

3.  Leverage your content! Search engine spiders tend to look for phrase consistencies in titles and also high in page copy. So create compelling introductory paragraphs that include target keywords. Don’t overuse keywords or use them out of context because search engine algorithms have filters. What’s more, duplication is also boring for humans.

4.  Add good links! When competing for search rank, links remain an important signal. Links matter most when relevant to the purpose of a post. The best way to generate inbound links organically is to create content others will appreciate enough to link back too. Consider notifying news sources that might be interested because they may link to you. Creating links from posts or pages you have already written, essentially voting for those pages yourself, is also a proven signal. Whether creating or receiving links, it’s always best to have them affiliated with similar subjects.

5. Use Proper Formatting! Most readers qualify whether or not they will read deeper in about a second. It’s imperative you make it simple for them to decide. Use simple formatting and a clean layout for every blog post. Bold section titles or headers and bullets or numbers can be a great way to call attention to emphasis points. Fonts should be uniform throughout, with photos and well-placed links. If it’s a train wreck for the eye, people will not give it a chance.

6.  Add Images & Video when possible! Search engines place emphasis on alternative image and video content as good support. Use proper tagging as well as descriptive text techniques so that they are easily understood and work to support competitive indexing.

7.  Maximize the number of places blog posts and the brand appear! Social networks and some listings offer post-capabilities. With this, there is an opportunity to gain visibility with more who may appreciate the information shared in the post. Share with the intention of bringing interested parties back to where capturing their interest as leads is best served. For instance, Twitter is not the brand… but it can be used to get people there!

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