How To Fix A Suspended Google Business Profile?Google Business Profile Manager Brielle Manasquan Monmouth County NJ

In the last few years Google has been suspending a lot of listings. This is believed to be due to a massive increase in fraudulent efforts to create them. The suspensions are likely to filter out fake or illegitimate business listing locations so that only genuine businesses show up in local map pack search results. Often a casualty of this effort or a suspended business is a Service-Area Business registered as Hybrid.

In many of these cases, the business never intended to deceive Google or the public. The home-based business listing with an address was often there for years, but unbeknownst to them or anyone, the guidelines for registering as a particular type of business evolved and/or changed without any notice or warning. Nowadays, when creating a Gooogle listing, the user is warned about the circumstances necessary to be able to show an address versus only a services area territory.

Google Business Profile Guidelines

While getting a Google Business Profile listing out of suspension is challenging, it can be done! If there is a suspension and the business applies for reinstatement, Google won’t explain why the suspension occurred, nor what you specifically need to do. It will refer that business to its Google Business Profile Guidelines to figure it out! And know that these guidelines are infamously long, and sometimes vague. Having reviewed the guidelines and, in theory, having identified and corrected the listing issue or issues (i.e. a Home-Based or Service-Area Business mistakenly showing an address), the business may then request reinstatement.

Verification Items To Fix Suspended Google Listing

Here are examples of what proof Google may require with a request to reinstate or verify a suspended listing:

  • State Business License
  • Professional Business License
  • Proof Of Location Occupancy
  • A Utility Bill
  • Rental Agreement
  • Photo Of Business Location
  • Photo Of Signage Outside Location
  • Photo Of The Street Address/The Building/A Suite Number
  • Tax ID, and in some cases,
  • the dreaded video verification.

In the last bullet ‘video verification’, at least for the home-based or service-area business, it is likely a 5 minute or less video showing street sign (can’t show address on the listing, but one must still prove there is a place of operation), any related-tools of the trade, a logo on a vehicle, and maybe the desk area where work is done showing a business card. It might be smart to show a utility bill too, assuming there is consistent address information.

Folks, getting a suspended Google Business Profile listing reinstated is RARELY easy! Be proactive because having one certainly matters to a business. Need help online, maybe with Google? Contact Kinetic Knowledge about support with your Google tools, their optimization, and their continued activity today!