Unlike most hosting plans, you will NEVER wait in a phone system only to receive the next service person who is neither familiar with you nor your business. This team is vested in understanding what your business does. A genuine marketing website host and updates management service, we limit website numbers per server and place focus on understanding your WordPress website, its theme, and its applications. No weaponized service people or confusion-selling and no long-term contracts, just effort to inform and support your business.

That’s personalized WordPress website host and updates management; that is Kinetic Knowledge!



Hosting and updates management includes the setup of your WordPress website live. We work to keep your website safe by scanning it for Malware daily and by managing update releases in order to be in the newest version of WordPress.


Our servers are optimized solely for WordPress, no other website software allowed. We limit the no. of websites per server, your bandwidth is rarely ever tested.


We install the leading application for detailed direction with on-website pages search optimization. We will set up your Google Analytics, Search Console and My Business tools.


Our Plans offer comprehensive OR unbundled options. Add content development, search & directory listings management, search engine optimization (SEO) or social media management. Clients can bundle the marketing services they need with their host service. And NO long-term contracts, no infuriating phone systems and we DO NOT off-load tasks to anyone outside Kinetic Knowledge!

Website Host Management Plan

  • Website Hosting
  • Website Backups
  • WordPress Core, Application Updates Management
  • Uncrowded Server, *Important!
  • Experienced Consultation
  • Responsive support: direct phone or email
  • Instruction On Website Features
  • Month to month, no term agreements are required
  • Plenty of storage
  • SEO Tools
  • Lead Capture Forms by Gravity Forms
  • Google Search Console and Analytics setup
  • Latest Version of PHP


Webmaster Services Plan

  • Website Host Management Plan – see column left, all included
  • Advanced security – see full benefits
  • Website page edits, additions and deletions management – see full benefits
  • Graphic design for new website slide, page, call to action, gallery, etc. – 1 per month
  • Stock Images
  • Search and directory listing websites setup and management – see full benefits
  • Manage Google My Business Listings, Listing Posts, Search Console and Analytics
  • Images, PDF, logins and other file storage and organization


Custom/ Unbundled Marketing Services Plan

Cost: T.B.D. – Consultation Recommended


What is WordPress?

WordPress® is a web-publishing platform that’s not only easy to use but the world’s most used website solution. It offers endless aesthetic or usability options and web standards are the priority; it is an open-source platform meaning a business can manage and control its website. Relevant being that with most there is no control.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress(.org) is not only the most adaptable website solution there is, but the one solution your business can truly control. We’ve modified our servers specifically for WordPress, for serious business people who want the simplicity of WordPress plus full updates management and genuine service. NO long term contracts or overloaded servers, no random service people and no infuriating phone systems!

Do I Need Hosting for WordPress, Specifically?

Are you comfortable managing website hosting? Do you know how to manage core WordPress, theme and application updates? Can you handle, for instance, theme customizations when updating? Maybe, maybe not? Why wait to find out, we’ll handle it for you affording you the time to do business.

Can I transfer my WordPress hosting?

Yes. You can migrate your WordPress website to any host, certainly a Kinetic Knowledge server modified specifically for WordPress!

Can I call about my hosting anytime?

You sure can. Just give us a call whenever you’ve got a question and we’ll help you out. No infuriating phone systems, no weaponized service people – just Kinetic Knowledge!

How does this WordPress differ from others?

It doesn’t differ, we either use or update to the latest version of WordPress.org. Exactly what you could download from WordPress.org. And when there’s an update release, we check to be sure there’s no chatter about bugs and then we install it for you.