Dealing With Contact Form Spam

Why Is My WordPress Website Getting So Much Contact Form Spam? While a contact form made available to the public is often a necessary part of a business website, in this day and age it will likely attract spam. Simply put, website spam is the unwanted message coming into your website’s contact form. And these messages are typically forwarded to your email inbox. Contact [...]

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The 4 Areas of Web Security Business Owners Must Understand

4 Areas of Web Security A Business Owner Must Manage   Your web security is about risk reduction because the risk will NEVER BE ZERO. There is no perfect security solution or guarantee because the hacks are forever working on new methods as we all go on about the business day. Serious business people must get familiar with these 4 areas of security in [...]

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How Important is SSL To Your Business?

It Has Become An 'SSL World Wide Web'! So, how important is SSL (HTTPS defined) to your business? In 2014, Google announced that SSL, or HTTPS rather than HTTP in your page URLs, would be used as a ranking signal. And the truth is it likely represents one lower weighted signal (Google uses up to 200 depending on how competitive a subject is) that [...]

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