Blogging Copy Writing Services | Kinetic KnowledgeCONTENT IS ADVERTISING!

Apologize for the rude title, but the point is valid. The subject of content is so incredibly important to your business this post ONLY means to ask you to think about whether or not your content is of any value to prospective leads. Is it or is it not our job to convince prospective buyers our products and services offer great value? On the web, where consumers have all the control, the demonstration of value is everything … and it stems from current useful content that can/ will serve as advertising!

So, does your content stink?


Blogging Copy Writing Services | Kinetic KnowledgeDid you know that Google places its greatest emphasis on content quality? Many would have that it is the number of links or social shares, but the fact is that when comparing your content to all of the competition Google’s algorithm seeks specific topics and authority for them.

It means that when your pages are current subject- specific sources of information they can deliver competitive search results. The algorithm looks at the content on the page, how often the page is chosen from search results, the amount of time spent on the page, etc. to draw conclusions about user experience versus the competition.

Raw keyword repetition or vast numbers of back- links won’t take a business far any longer, but good content will. Google wants to see pages that use words intelligently and logically — that support the queries searchers enter. Is this content the credible, accurate information needed?

Today, it is more likely that heavily- linked pages are getting their butts kicked versus pages created based upon a delivery of high quality content!

Remember the rule!: Google’s only goal is to deliver the experience that its’ searchers want.



Imagine the viral potential content has for your business as advertising when, for instance, a blog post:

  • appears live on your website, demonstrating value for those qualified visitors;
  • indexes high in the search engines for its various topic keywords;
  • appears in social networks where it’s potentially visible to thousands;
  • is sent out to an entire email database direct;
  • is shared by recipients out to their social network connections;
  • is bookmarked by many as a reference AND
  • then finally it is linked to from other websites.


There are so many questions answered in our typical ‘business day’ that would be useful to prospective new business leads. If we can find the time to publish them our knowledge has the potential to make someone somewhere searching for those very answers … a new client.

If your content stinks … maybe it’s only for a lack of commitment to leverage the good answers we all have … as advertising.


If you need help, let’s discuss a content review & strategy. Kinetic Knowledge offers experienced copy writing & blogging services, so let’s discuss a program that fits your particular needs & budget!