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If you’re familiar with modern marketing and advertising on the web, you understand there is a need to demonstrate authority for the products or services you offer. And you know there is NOTHING more important than content! However, content that offers any value to a prospective consumer requires expertise. It requires research, copywriting, search engine optimization know-how, and possibly even technical production when there’s video involved … and it’s simply not for everyone. If it’s not for you, it’s likely NOT going to get done.

We are an experienced copywriting, blogging, and video production resource! We also offer SEO Plans to broadcast it!

Ghost Writing   

I. Website Copywriting 

We find that many clients are pressed for time, yet they need subject-specific content researched, written up, and search engine optimized. We have capable copywriters, so let’s discuss how you need support today! 

II. Ghost Blogging  

The idea is to generate relevant content that both search engines and qualified humans will be drawn to… just like you would write if you had the time! This service affords capability in best practices and content SEO support.

III. Geographic Targeting

The goal is to compete locally, where your qualified buyer resides. While your business may be based in a town, you’d like to be visible to lots of people who search in other towns, counties, and states. Experience is the key to success with geographically targeted content.  

 IV. Social Media Posting

Knowledge of your business, how to write about it, and experience with the various social media platforms. We know what’s necessary for each environment to gain followers and to produce the activity that attracts qualified visitors. 

There’s a difference when you work with Kinetic Knowledge:

  • We will never be a large distant provider with infuriating phone systems;
  • We listen, ask questions and share the information a client needs in order to make informed marketing decisions;
  • With Kinetic there are no traps, no long term contracts and we recommend ownership & control of your digital assets;
  • We have no conflict of interest for any proprietary themes or applications, and we ONLY recommend the current & best technology solutions;
  • We take a long-term view with client web-based assets;
  • We respect budgets so that a client’s resources are never wasted;
  • We execute with a team that is not only responsive to but familiar with a client’s business;
  • We offer a personal approach; our clients benefit from follow-through, accountability, and the belief at Kinetic Knowledge™ that our clients come first – we cannot succeed unless YOU do!

Kinetic Knowledge is a full-service NJ digital marketing agency serving small to medium-sized businesses. We’ve been around 18 years, we are Monmouth County NJ based in the lovely town of Brielle. We offer Search Engine Optimization & Local SEOWebsite Design & DevelopmentWebsite Host & Updates ManagementWebsite Fix, Content Development, Graphic Design, Social Media, and Search Advertising Campaigns.