Google Listing Best PracticesGoogle Listing Best Practices

Whether your business has a visitor-friendly location or you strictly go to the client’s location – you are eligible to create a Google listing business profile. That is so long as the information you submit follows Google Listing Best Practices, including whether the business has a walk-in location or NOT. If all information complies with standard Google policies then the listing is going to remain live. Where a Google listing sits in the pack is going to depend on a number of different signals. Unlike most other listings, a Google listing has a number of different active content input options including posts, images upload, Q & A, and reviews.

Google recommends that the information (name, address, phone, hours, etc.) be consistent across other branded entities. In other words, assume that Google will cross-reference it all against other representations online. If the information is NOT consistent with a website, other prominent listings, and/or social media accounts, it is likely that the Google listing will suffer in competitive search results.

  • Always use an accurate address and/or ‘service area’ (e.g. when ‘go to the client’). Note that P.O. boxes or mailboxes in remote locations are prohibited.
  • Also, use the fewest number of category choices possible. Often people choose so many categories for a Google listing that the competitive relevance for any single category is undermined. Fear not, the description and service areas will make it up to you.
  • Never create more than one listing per location because it will force the algorithm to minimize any competitive relevance.
  • And then a brand (i.e. Snicker Bar), a rental or for-sale property, a Sales associate that is NOT an individual practitioner, a lead generation company, and/or an artist, unless there is a storefront location, is NOT eligible for a Google listing.

Only the business owner can verify and then manage a Google business listing or profile. That owner may THEN share access with others for editing and management, but must first invite the individual or individuals in order to be verified as ‘authorized representative’ or manager.

Google Listing: Location, Service Area or Hybrid Business

You can establish a 1) visitor-friendly location, a 2) ‘go to the client service area’, or a 3) hybrid of the two ‘business profile listing’. When setting up a listing this will become evident by how you enter information. For instance, a ‘go-to client-only service area business’ will want to establish its’ service area or the geographic area where products and services are provided, but NO address. In this case, leave the “business location” entry field blank. If the business has signage, offers both on location and ‘service area’ support then it is hybrid. If so, then both an address and services area will be the way to go. For a service area, the boundaries should not go farther than approximately 2 hours driving time from where the business is based.

Listings & Social Media Account Services

If you are looking for support with setup or the ongoing management of your Google listing, various other listings, and/or social media accounts, including posting-management service – let us know. We are versed and offer flexible options, including: