Hosting For The Serious Business Versus Shared Hosting?

Lately, we have been aiming to inform on some of the technical aspects of WordPress as well as better website hosting & website management for the serious business, including details like the importance of digital footprint management and the different types of WordPress.

Because of the way host options are often sold (to uninformed buyers) one can easily end up with the wrong solution. While WordPress offers a business unrivaled website power & flexibility, the way it is hosted matters! Let’s start by describing the most common host plan:

‘Shared Hosting’ is host service where many websites reside on one server. Generally, it is the most economical option versus Virtual Private or Dedicated because so many company websites share the cost of a provider’s server maintenance. Of course, ‘Shared Hosting’ is economical because it is often oversubscribed. In order for it’s the provider to maintain a profit, it’s likely shorting services & capacity.

Better Website Hosting

A modern website or Content Management System (CMS) requires more than a host, it requires constant updating, bandwidth for speed and it requires management! Learning how to use WordPress can be relatively easy, but for it to function at its’ best it will need management. It’s something a basic Shared Hosting plan isn’t going to deliver. For instance, with oversubscription there’s likely going to be more and more security exposure to all those random sites; with oversubscription, there’s going to be fewer resources for speed AND then who’s going to manage updates, plugins, bugs & security patches? Certainly not the average ‘shared host’ and certainly not with a custom website.  

In order for a WordPress website to function at maximum capacity, there are server-side resources required. Those include scripting languages like PHP, as well as database systems like MySQL. There’s caching, 3rd party application integration, content backup,  and complex security issues that will all tax a server! There’s a need for general human concern! In a general Shared Hosting environment, where RAM and CPU are often limited by the sheer number of random websites loaded up, page loads will slow. And slow pages can have a ‘ripple effect’ that defeats the whole purpose of being there. After all, do any of us like or even trust super slow loading websites?

Have a look at at a Comprehensive Managed Hosting, Customer & Marketing Support Services package to see an example of how a host might better support your serious business.