Website SEO | WordPress Better In-Page Website SEO

Search engines identify, consume, and then rank website pages based on up to 200 hundred different signals. And while the comparative weight of those signals often change, years of experience show that useful page content is as important and highly weighted a signal to website SEO as any of those 200!

Per WordPress founder Matt Cutts, “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of SEO mechanics.” Ultimately Cutts meant that content presented in a WordPress website page is easy for Google algorithms to consume & understand. Simply put, when you produce useful authoritative pages – the software will do a ton of the SEO heavy lifting for you. 

Why Consider WordPress For Better
Website SEO?


WordPress not only offers the largest most sophisticated selection of theme options for a unique brand, but its’ core code or markup is designed to support how the Google machine crawls & consumes website pages! With greater ease for search engine crawling deep into pages, the more likely a business is to index all the keywords in its pages … leading to better overall website SEO & brand visibility.

Assuming the content is managed properly, this competitive advantage in a web environment that never stops evolving versus other website solutions is unmatched.


WordPress SEO Tips


WordPress makes Website SEO tools readily available:

    • Page URL or the Permalink, ease of customization and use of target keywords 
    • Meta Titles, summary page description including the use of target keywords
    • Meta Descriptions, for appealing page summaries to be consumed as search result page snippets
    • Headers, the means to add emphasis for in-page section headers
    • Anchor Text Links, easily lay links to other pages from relevant keyword text (with options for bold & color)
    • Image Alt Tags, use of descriptive keyword tags in page images (in image code)
    • Visual & Text Editor Choice, options for the layperson or those working in coding
    • Editor Options, a vast set of options that > like WordPress itself < advance! 

And for those business owners that lack time or interest, we design & develop websites for those serious about their SEO and their brand. Interested, please get in touch!