Tired Of Absent WordPress Management & Host Service?

It’s Time For Something Different!  
WordPress websites need continuous maintenance, upgrading and care so they offer optimum performance and also remain safe from hackers. Websites should build brand, bring leads and new business so we focus on keeping your WordPress at its healthiest.

What To Expect With Kinetic Knowledge WordPress Hosting & Management Services:

  • WordPress Hosting & Management Services | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJWe listen and answer questions with a sincere respect for cost & budgets! 
  • You will not be limited to certain plugin application or theme choices, often the case with companies more interested in their own efficiency than what’s best for your business!
  • Communication with us is never inconvenient for you; we are responsive with support provided by people capable in both tech’ and marketing!
  • There are no traps; you own and are free to move your WordPress website any time! 
  • We do our very best to add the value one should expect from its service providers!
  • AND for in the event it ever happens to you, we support hacked WordPress websites! 

Why Would You Need Managed WordPress?

A typical host company these days is distant, with automated customer service lines, high employee turnover and little to no interest in you or your business needs. Worse, most offer no vested interest in your online investments of time & money. Certainly they do not offer the guidance needed to succeed online. Coordinating website host, domain name server mapping, a content database, security, SEO, Social and updates is a challenge for people doing their business. Updates alone advance the software’s marketing features and harden its’ core code against hack attempts – so management is necessary. In the event it ever happens, we also support hacked WordPress websites.


Why is WordPress the single best website solution available to marketers today?

Above all WordPress offers the freedom of portability, which amounts to complete website ownership & web footprint control, including the freedom of choice for design, applications and management support services. Here’s more on why your business should use WordPress

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