WordPress PHP What is PHP | How Does PHP Relate To WordPress

PHP is the coding language WordPress is built on. It has a history of updates (Oct’ 2020 #7.4), each released as is necessary. What version of PHP used is typically set up server-level by the host company, when a new website is hosted live. And very much like the need to keep WordPress core, the website theme, and any plugin applications updated, PHP updates must also be managed.

Benefits of Updating PHP

There are two primary benefits that stem from keeping PHP up-to-date. The first is a faster loading website, as the latest version of PHP is going to be incrementally more efficient than the last. Obviously many factors can influence performance & speed, but the latest version of PHP can deliver a performance increase, sometimes believed up to 3X quicker than previous versions.

The second benefit is going to be a more secure website. PHP, like WordPress itself, is maintained & updated by its famously organized open-source community. Obviously many factors can influence security, but because PHP is so popular it is a target for hackers. And so the latest version will have improved code and the latest in security features. Older versions of PHP are going to fall behind, raising vulnerability. Needless to say, updating is crucial for better WordPress security.

Troubleshoot | Fix WordPress PHP Issues

If you are experiencing issues with and need to fix your website, we both Troubleshoot and fix WordPress! We have built, serviced, and hosted WordPress websites for over 15 years. Often the existing host or manager has failed to update a theme, a plugin application (app’), the core WordPress software, and now PHP! Any of these situations can lead to issues with your WordPress website.

The Internet, browsers, security, and host standards are all advancing. It is not only to improve ‘user experience’ but also to defend against the relentless efforts of those nefarious hacks crawling the World Wide Web (WWW). Modern website hosting and also management must be managed – ask us about your situation, we will diagnose and fix your WordPress website!