Is WordPress FREE For Business Owners? 

NJ WordPress Developer Designer Management We’re often asked, “Is WordPress is FREE? “. The answer is yes WordPress software is not only FREE, but there are options. offers a FREE hosted solution, with forced advertising & pay- up options. Then there is, which is a FREE downloadable version of the software that must be hosted independently and customized. 

For what it’s worth, FREE pretty much always comes with compromise. In the case of, a user must accept various limitations. As the host, it dictates many things, including advertising the website’s user cannot influence or control. reserves the right to try and cover its’ cost, maybe even profit, from the use of its platform. And this shouldn’t be a surprise or a disappointment because valuable software can’t really be free. Certainly not if quality or reliability is required; certainly not when the folks who put WordPress out work so hard to make ‘publishing to the web’ with the best tool available so accessible for so many.

For the version of the software, there is a need to find one’s own theme for its design, hosting and updates management. This latter solution works best for most business owners because compromise is rarely ever acceptable, certainly not ownership, control or forced competitive advertising; in fact ownership (with its standard licensing agreement) and complete control is the way to go for any unique brand and that’s where becomes necessary! 

Advertising OR Control?


According to WordPress itself, “To support the [] service we may occasionally show ads…” – Matt Mullenweg. Founding Developer Matt Mullenweg adds that the advertising has enabled his team to offer an ever-improving software without charging for the upgrades; however, he also adds there are enterprises that would never want advertising. This is important to understand, particularly because the option WILL NOT FILTER competitive advertising. The ad-serving software it uses is contextual, meaning it scans for keywords and then returns advertisements targeting those same keywords. So, for example, if a free website based upon Real Estate in Kalamazoo goes live it’s likely going to be pulling locally competitive Real Estate advertisers. offers the user a choice for advertising opt-out, for a monthly cost. Other compromises remain, including limited customization, applications, and control for the timing of updates. So if having complete control over one’s web presence and brand matters, it is only going to be possible with 


WordPress Website * Design * Develop * Host * Optimize Management 


Obviously, there are choices with WordPress and we’re certainly here to offer comprehensive & affordable host plus updates management service, including branded custom development and design. Our clients own their WordPress website, including the choice of what theme and application plugin software they wish to use as well as timing for updates management, when necessary. If ownership and knowledgeable business support interests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we have been working with WordPress from the very beginning.



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